I, Isaac, from Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, honor Stanley Almodovar III

We all cry in rainbow tears but that doesn\'t stop us from being brave.

I, Valentina, from Graz, Styria, Austria, honor Mercedez Marisol Flores

\"When words fail, music speaks.\" – Hans Christian Andersen

I, GOURAB, from KOLKATA, WEST BENGAL, INDIA, honor Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo

Let\'s work towards a better world, much needs to be done. Alas!

I, GOURAB, from KOLKATA, WEST BENGAL, INDIA, honor Edward Sotomayor Jr.

May he rest in peace as we learn our lessons from this terrible loss.

I, Emma, from Angouleme, Poitou-Charente, France, honor Eddie Jamoldroy Justice

I wish I knew Eddie. Rest in peace!.....

I, J.E., from streatham, london, UK, honor Juan P. Rivera Velazquez

We stand together in love, peace, equality and strength.

I, Jeff, from Breckenridge, Colorado, USA, honor Darryl Roman Burt II

Spread Love.

I, TERESA MARIA, from MILANO, MI, Italia, honor Yilmary Rodriguez Solivan

La nostra risposta a questo mondo in guerra ha un nome: si chiama fratellanza, si chiama famiglia. (Papa Francesco)

I, Arjun, from Vadodara, Gujarat, India, honor Amanda Alvear

“Humans make art to remember and be remembered,” said Caius. “Art is their weapon against forgetting.” ― Melissa Grey,

I, Desi, from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, honor Christopher Joseph Sanfeliz

See all living creature w/ different eye, visualize them w/ colorful mind. Bc we were always be pieces of exquisite art

I, Merel, from Utrecht, Nederland, Netherlands, honor Frank Hernandez Escalante

Frank moved to Orlando 3 years ago cause that's where he felt accepted. He taught his sister how to walk in high heels.

I, Tracy, from New York, New York, United States, honor Akyra Monet Murray

the youngest of the victims... "you can cut all the flowers, but you cannot stop spring from coming." -Neruda

I, Blake, from Seattle, WA, USA, honor Leroy Valentin Fernandez

Leroy filled life with exuberance and music-- thru singing and performance. He was only 25. An incomprehensible loss.

I, Marta, from Madrid, Madrid, España, honor Brenda Lee Marquez McCool

A fighter, a survivor. Any violence will stop LOVE.

I, Lucas & Claudia, from Lucerne, Lucerne, Switzerland, honor Jean Carlos Mendez Perez

"If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them." —James O’Barr

I, Rafael, from New York, NY, USA, honor Luis S. Vielma

Luis Vielma worked on the Harry Potter ride at Universal. He was 22 years old. I can't stop crying. —J.K. Rowling

I, Amrita, from Brooklyn, NY, USA, honor Eric Ivan Ortiz-Rivera

I relate to and share Eric’s love for interior design - my condolences to his loved ones for this unfathomable loss.

I, Yi, from Xuhui, Shanghai, China, honor Cory James Connell


I, Maria, from Madrid, Madrid, Spain, honor Juan Ramon Guerrero

When love is your brand, you´re eternal.

I, Carmen, from Madrid, Madrid, Spain, honor Oscar A. Aracena-Montero

In this sorrowful time, I 'd like to extend to your family and friends my condolences. No one can prepare us to a loss.

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